Tuesday, November 2, 2010


I am Andy DiGelsomina, the composer and lead guitar player for the Wagnerian Opera Metal project, Lyraka, and I'm going to rock the world.

My fiancee Jasmine and I have created a huge epic, encompassing a set of highlight cds (the first cd of the set was released in November 2010, the second is due in 2014), a currently-in-production graphic novel, and a 3-D animated movie. Jasmine created the actual story, concept, screenplay, characters, and website.

The music is all me.

We have employed world class artists Graham Bonnet, Ken Kelly, Veronica Freeman, Tommy Heart, Andre Maquera, Robert Lowe, Mark Boals, Al Atkins, Rob Diaz, Liz Vandall, Thom Carvey, Gary Spaulding, Hannah Beth Crary, and Jeff Pilson to put our vision into action.

I am out to revolutionize guitar-driven heavy metal composition. In fact, my opera is the revolution in progress.

Find out more about my opera, influences, interviews, etc. here:

This is Our Father of Metal, dedicated to Richard Wagner:

I will be posting reviews and general thoughts here, so keep checking back and maybe you'll learn something.

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