Thursday, April 4, 2013

Krisiun's "Black Force Domain"

Extreme Metal is one of the sole places where I can actually appreciate and even love constant speed and oversatured guitar-tones. Brazilian legends Krisiun's album (and song) Black Force Domain is all about completely unrestrained speed, there are mostly just pauses and repetitive a tempo (not always on time) blasting throughout; only Moyses Kolesne anchors things some with his meth-freek Blackmore/Malmsteen style. Yes, there's phrasing in the solos here, it's just that the intentionally (yet somehow worthily) awful production can at first hinder the ears from picking it up. Andre will resort at times to simply blowing out a bunch of chaotic notes out in grand Slayer-by-way-of-Morbid-Angel fashion. But hey, just like the two bands mentioned, Krisiun's music is chaotic enough for the leads to act as complementary, not necessarily detractive (and never-you-mind the sniffs of the erroneously self-labelled "neo-classicists" and/or the powder puff power metal dorks).

Something about this band...perhaps it's how the jungles of Brazil conjure up intense, oppressively humid, peculiarly dark atmospheres; landscapes riddled with unimaginably-large snakes and spiders.

This album is their best, the rest in their repertoire are (like Obituary and latter day Deicide) just variations. In all fairness when it comes to Brutal Death Metal, that's akin to a compliment.