Friday, October 18, 2013

John Lennon Imagine

Over the years I've noticed that many of the people whom profess disdain for John Lennon's utopian lyrics and general Weltanschauung of this song are basically miserable and often filled with self-loathing and other assorted, whine-fostering issues. In fact, such reactions tend to tell me a lot about both the nature of that person and the song's impact itself.

To me, John brought out the things that upon reflection make life worth living, those things that are beyond cultural aesthete in terms of archetypal beauty.

The centuries have proven that man is capable of bringing what's inside out into the real world. The seemingly supernatural advances in technology are a great example of the formidable powers of men and women working together. I think we can all get together and work toward a common goal of no more wars, no more killing people, no more judging.

I myself truly believe that John's visions of a brotherhood of man, of everyone working together, feeding and sheltering and not unduly judging others can be made a reality. And if that makes me a hopeless romantic, an insufferable idealist, I far prefer that to the alternative.

Reach within. It all starts with US.