Saturday, July 9, 2016

"A SOUND OF THUNDER!" Nina Osegueda Recruited For Lyraka Volume 2

LYRAKA – A SOUND OF THUNDER’s Nina Osegueda Recruited For Volume 2

Metal siren Nina Osegueda has been recruited for Lyraka Volume 2, the follow up to Lyraka's well received first album. Nina, already an established (and classically trained) vocalist as member of the widely revered band, A Sound Of Thunder, will be assuming the role of Lilliput in what been termed a "Wagnerian Opera Metal" project.

The opera's composer, Andy DiGelsomina, states: "The role of Lilliput has been fumbled by many singers due to the need for singing in odd time, as well as applying a small amount of acting and creativity into the performance. Both Jasmine and I are confident that Nina is more than capable of not only acing this role, but owning it." Here is a portrayal of the character Lilliput by reknown fantasy artist Ken Kelly, see below for further details on Lyraka Volume 2.

In respect to the release of Lyraka Volume 2: "I'm sorry, but I don't have a definite release date as of yet. The performances of certain participants were very disappointing and had to be rectified through firing, which has made completing this album more and more like a Moby Dick saga than an album production. It is the main reason this album cannot be completed at this time. We are also refusing to release the album without having metal guru Chris Tsangarides putting the last, finishing touch on the production and engineering. The music has developed into something way bigger, more involved, and rocking than it was ever originally intended to be, and we would be totally cheating our fans by not holding out for Chris, who is ready whenever we are. To all of our amazingly loyal fans, I send my greatest gratitude and metal hails, you people are absolutely the most awesome in existence. This will be finished, and it will be everything you wanted and more.

I would also like to send a shout out to Tiina Teal (former D├ętente vocalist) fans: “Yes, Tiina will be involved in an upcoming recording project for Lyraka, she's not going anywhere if we can help it!"