Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Lyraka Symphony no. 1, Mvt. 1

This is a rough cut of Lyraka Symphony no. 1, the "Modern" symphony, which has been composed, arranged, conducted, orchestrated, engineered, and produced by me (and is still being edited by me in the last two areas.). This is the first movement, which unfolds multiple vignettes in a stream of consciousness way. It can enhance your experience of the piece to listen mindfully to its dynamic mapping; volume itself became a type of instrument to me during the creation of this symphony; the levels crescendo/decrescendo both overall and between instruments, a method which helps evoke multi-dimensional depth. Think of a conversation between an ensemble of personalities (or more precisely, points of view), each perspective going through the process of delineation, integration, assimilation, and sublation from all the others as its individuality asserts (and, through the process, concurrently affirms) itself. There are interjections, varying degrees of harmony and disharmony, variations within variations, extensive use of aleatoric and randomization techniques (with ramifications spilling into even the actual production and arrangement), alternatingly stark and enormous layered rhythms, elements of the grotesque, modularity...

I applied a conscientious, creative method to the panning as well, which was challenging considering the sheer number of instruments.  On that last I had to imagine a Straussian orchestra where a whole row of laptop computers (I use software synthesizers exclusively) and electric guitars are included in the ranks. I had to make sure to find a specific place for each in the mix.

Thanks to Lyraka fans for your support, without you I couldn't have conceived of creating such a large scale work as a symphony. Your belief put wings on my heart.

Special thanks to Jasmine Lyraka Aliara and my Uncle John for unfailing support, and I mean from all perspectives, with my Uncle John providing the tough love where applicable...I'm crazy aboout you both, you're my family.


All music © 2017 Andrew Neires DiGelsomina