Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Lyraka Symphony no. 1, Mvt. 5

This is my rough cut version of "Lyraka Symphony no. 1 Mvt. 5". By rough cut I mean that this hasn't been treated to a final mix and master yet, it exists simply to give Lyraka fans an idea of the full arrangement. Note the extensively embroidered, hybrid composition, as well as more of my Serial Vignette compositional technique. Though the instruments have been woven together, there is a strong modular side to this composition, evident not just from the overlapping (and at times exclamatorily interjecting) parts, but in how factors such as, say, effects are arranged, automated, and so much more. I paid lavish detail to those and other factors, in order to most faithfully represent what I heard in my head. The presence of aleatoricism is evident not only in the transitions  and rhythms, but to some extent in the sequencing. Of course, this is essential purposeful composition and orchestration here, but happy accidents are the meat and potatoes of both the Serial Vignette and Aleatoric compositional styles, and were as always welcomed both during the composition of the piece and its final production. Finally, it was important for me to express a multi-dimensioned listening experience, evident for instance in the changing distances of both the separate instruments and enembles...even the movement in tutti. The sense of depth and distance is just as much achieved through predelay on a good reverb as well as scrupulous panning and volume automation. Well, not too will become obvious as you listen to this that there's a lot of space to breathe, and in the interest of complete disclosure, such happened more times than not by accident during the early mixes. The massive initial set of themes were written in a rush of inspiration, from there it was like a was taken into a world said brass took me, and couldn't stop writing.


All music ©2017 Andrew Neires DiGelsomina