Thursday, November 28, 2013

Ludwig Van Beethoven's Hymn of Thanksgiving and Jasmine Lyraka Aliara

Beethoven's opus 132 features a third movement called by the composer the "Heiliger Dankesang", or Hymn of Thanksgiving. It is considered by many musicologists as perhaps the greatest piece of music in the entirety of Occidental music history, but what I appreciate about it is that it inspires a sense of gratitude inside me.

Beethoven at the time of writing this was just getting over a near fatal illness, and both the pain of affliction and prayer-granted relief at his recovery is perfectly expressed here; there's small voiced pleading, regret at a life formerly taken for granted, intoxication and dancing upon receipt of even the slightest relief, and sober yet transcendentally gorgeous praises, all communicated through the composer's preferred mode of autobiography, the acoustic string quartet.

Jasmine Lyraka Aliara is whom and what I feel grateful for in this world, she remains the best part of my life. I haven't been anywhere near as good a man as I could have been...I have so many faults, and my decision making is at times borderline retarded. But I adore her today more than I ever did, and I hope I can be the best man for her I can be, despite my defects. Even if things between us ended someday, I would never, never stop feeling gratitude for every second I spent with her.

Thank you, powers that be, for her. For the power of love she showed me made me really believe...and keeps me believing.