Sunday, February 10, 2013

A Fond Look Back: Working With Graham Bonnet

Sometimes things take a while to become completely clear. On the one hand, memories can get that (often necessarily) photoshopped blur: outward quite pleasant, interiorly frosty. On the other hand, sudden revelations can be gleaned (even when that manufactured veneer suspiciously remains).

I was thinking this morning about a conversation I had a couple of weeks before Xmas 2012 with the main vocalist for my opera, Graham Bonnet. We had wrapped up Graham's vocal work for my "Fidei Defensor", and I was very happy talking to him, thrilled with his vocal performances. Please let me digress momentarily: Graham and I had some rough spots over the years we worked together, and things came to an angry head more than once. But I learned so much of value from him, very much like a rock 'n roll father to son, and I told him that. After his modest thanks, I thanked him profusely and...well, basically said goodbye. Graham wrote back minutes later: "That's far too final, I mean, I was hoping we can do more again soon."

Imagine how it felt when it really, finally hit have heard something like that from my favorite Rock singer. And we're going to do more, I always have music for him, I love his voice and I love the way he sings my music.

I can tell anyone curious about Graham's current musical output: he still is more than capable of sounding as good as he ever his case that's about as high praise as I can think of. Take it from an at least minimally accomplished musician and composer: there's no replacing Graham Bonnet.